Jerel Benjamin

Speaking on Leadership

CEO & Founder of Profit Gold Consulting Group

Jerel Benjamin has been in the leadership space since 2004. Not only does he possess an innate ability to reduce inefficiencies and empower others through international speaking with CEO’s at Leadership Summits, but he is also a serial entrepreneur who has personally opened nine corporations since 1994. Jerel from experience, knows what it takes to start a company from the ground up and maintain it at maximum profitability.

About Jerel Benjamin

Jerel is currently the Founder and CEO of the Profit Gold consulting group, based in Austin, Texas. He was inspired to form this company after experiencing firsthand that not all business owners are skilled in all aspects of keeping their business healthy. While a good CEO must also be a strong leader and an experienced marketer, they also need to understand the sales process and the value of efficient internal system automation. These are areas where Jerel Benjamin truly shines. His notable skills and strengths include empowering others through leadership training seminars, and business optimization through careful head-to-toe analysis, to name just a few.

It is no surprise that Jerel has a way with people in all levels of business. He majored in English with a minor in Communications from the University of Wisconsin, where it became apparent that he was a social influencer and motivational speaker, in addition to being a confident risk-taker. 

As the President and CEO of WCI, Inc, an international tile and remodeling company, Jerel maximized profits and successfully led his team for over a decade. Sensing a natural calling, he joined Chet Holmes International in 2008 as an Elite Business Mastery Coach. It was here that Jerel was able to expound upon his talents for coaching CEOs and other leaders internationally. He also spent many years as a Consultant, continuing to work closely with companies such as One Source Coaching, Forbes Councils, YEC, and Predictable Profits. 

As the Founder and CEO of Leadership Gold, Inc, a seminar-based company focusing on leadership and business mastery around the world, Jerel Benjamin has traveled throughout the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and the United States. When the company combined with Profit Gold, it was a natural transition for Jerel, who was able to blend the two organizations seamlessly. In this new capacity, the firm was able to provide businesses with leadership training, long-term sustainability goals, including SOP and KPI documentation. 

Jerel Benjamin continues to be an accomplished and well-respected public speaker who travels throughout the US and abroad. He speaks English, Dutch, and Spanish, which enables him to communicate with a much broader audience. His topics mostly focus on leadership and strategic implementation of action items that will bring success to both large and small businesses around the world. Hundreds of companies have seen the success that comes with taking Jerel’s advice. In addition to all his business ventures, Jerel has many charities that are close to his heart. He is a major supporter of Hope’s Door, a domestic violence shelter in Plano, Texas; additionally, he supports Africa Renewal Ministries and Feed the Hungry. These nonprofit organizations have created churches, trained thousands of leaders, and sponsored over 15,000 children through the combined efforts of volunteers, donors, and sponsors.