Positive employee engagement is vital for every successful company. Growing and developing business is closely related to employee satisfaction. Each employee has a different preference when it comes to how they are managed. Employee appreciation should look a little different based on individual preferences, learning styles, and even roles within the organization.

Keeping employees engaged is a difficult task that has become even more complex due to the COVID pandemic. Here are some easy tips to keep your staff active and collaborative amid uncertain times.

Share Information

Many organizations had to quickly pivot to a remote presence in order to remain operational. Most of these companies still employee remote employees, and some organizations have decided to remain remote to reduce overhead costs.

Transparency is the key to engaging a remote workforce. Ensure that any information disseminated through the organization is expressly communicated to remote workers. Whenever possible, the message should appear to all workers at the same time. This can be tricky for international and remote workers in different time zones, but timing is critical.

Keep Teams Together

Effective employee engagement techniques utilize a twofold method. The first step is to keep employees well informed about what is happening within the organization. Secondly, employees need to stay connected with one another. Most companies divide employees into teams of some sort, which provides several benefits to the organization and individual team members. Weekly team meetings can still be held during COVID with easy to use virtual meeting applications.

Offer Learning Opportunities

Since many job duties have changed slightly in response to the pandemic, employees may need to learn new skills to remain productive. Learning a new skill or way of doing things is also an effective way to combat loneliness and malaise that comes along with mandatory isolation. Offer free or reduced cost learning opportunities for employees, and challenge them to create virtual discussion groups.

Show Your Appreciation

Most physical events are restricted, which means normal methods of showing employee appreciation have fallen by the wayside. Although you cannot take your team to lunch during COVID, you can still show your thanks and appreciation. Consider sending employees a personalized and company branded care package. This simple token ensures that employees feel connected to the organization despite physical distance.