Starting a new job is tremendously stressful. Not only do you not know anyone, but the tasks are also different. Follow these methods to properly acclimate new workers.


Onboarding Program

Don’t just throw your new employee into the deep end. If you can, have a real onboarding program. At the beginning of your employee’s first day, take them aside. Have an open discussion to answer any questions they have. Go over the job description and a timeline of how you expect things to go down. A regular meeting with the direct supervisor, perhaps weekly, would be helpful as well.

Human resources will also have a lot of paperwork to fill out to enroll in health insurance and retirement benefits. Prepare a folder for them with all the information. In this way, nothing gets misplaced and things look more professional.


Buddy System

It’d be good to assign a coworker the person can go to whenever they have a question about the job or work culture. Some companies like to have formal trainers because some people would enjoy this task. The person should be friendly, have a positive attitude, and be knowledgeable. They should take the attitude that there are no stupid questions.

By having a buddy, the employee will always have someone who can help them. They’ll never feel alone.


Focus on Training

There are a variety of methods. Some companies have classes. Others use a combination of podcasts and videos.

Job shadowing is a big component of training. Have the person sit down and take notes while someone guides them through the work tasks. Some people are more computer savvy than others. What someone might pick up on the first try might take someone else a few days of shadowing.

It’s important to not assume someone knows something just because it’s on their resume. Different companies have different ways of doing things. Even different software editions can make a difference.

Give Direction

Employees often feel lost. Getting warmed up to a company might seem overwhelming at first glance. Do your best to provide guidance. What do they need to do? How should I go about it? Provide motivation and positive reinforcement.

Getting a new worker acclimated to a new job is important. Fortunately, there are many great methods available.