When you are a leader, the leadership you possess depends immensely on the personal characteristics that you have. Keeping your self motivated to keep improving on yourself and making sure that you are leading to the best of your ability can be hard sometimes. Sometimes you need an inspirational lift yourself to keep preforming as an inspirational leader. A fantastic help would be listing to these amazing, inspirational, and motivating podcasts that will help you be a better version of yourself and a better leader. 

Coaching for Leaders

This podcast hosted by Dave Stachowiak is inspirational due to the idea that Dave revolves around the idea that no one is born a leader. Stachowiak touches on the basics of leadership and leading by the examples you set. He believes that when you are in a leadership role, you should bring out the best in the people and make sure that at one time, you were also where they are. 

The Nice Guys 

Based on informative talks and growing your business with values, they emphasize integrity and the trust that you should have with your employees. Hosts Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner believe that to build a successful business, you should work on the professional relationships that you have in modern business organizations. 

Dose of Leadership

Richard Rierson created a podcast made up of interviews from leaders in various types of industries, from business to military, to even faith-based leaders. They aim to teach leaders and aspiring leaders how to develop themselves and the organizations that they lead. 

This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

Learn how to harness your passion and apply it to your work in this podcast. Hyatt teaches you how to lead your own life and use it in your career to help you to influence those around you better. 

Beyond the To-Do-List

When you have tried every book and every how to tip, but it’s just not reflecting in your work, try Erik Fisher’s Beyond the To-Do-List podcast where he and his guest talk about ways that you can boost not only your team’s productivity but your productivity as well. 

Change Creator Podcast

In this podcast, Adam Force discusses critical insights from various leaders in the field that are doing amazing things. Many have said this is not just another podcast but a helpful tool for changing your life. Discussing the social impact leaders of our day have.