Leadership is an essential skill that can help anyone, from heading different societal units to progressing in their careers. The youth must acquire leadership skills as young as possible to establish positive habits that will last them a lifetime.

Statistics, however, reveal an unfortunate gap in leadership skills among the youth. For instance, according to the Knight Foundation, most youths feel that their desire to lead or contribute often goes unsupported. Here are some ways of empowering the youth to become leaders.

Nurture Their Confidence

Teaching the youth how to be confident will prepare them adequately for adulthood. Methods such as sports and projects like small businesses can empower the youth to become confident through teamwork, responsibility, and leadership roles.

Provide the Necessary Tools

The youth can learn to analyze issues, reflect, and solve problems that affect them and their communities using the right tools and information. Equipping the youth with analytical thinking skills will enable them to become good strategists capable of causing positive change in their environments.

Set a Good Example

Children and young adults usually learn through examples. If the adults around them are great leaders, then they will probably emulate their leadership skills. Adults in various youth leadership positions, e.g., youth sports teams, can use their respective platforms to display exemplary leadership skills.

Develop Good, Sustainable Habits

Good habits that are sustainable without prodding help nurture successful leaders. Therefore, teach the youth to develop good habits, e.g., responsibility, honesty and independent thinking for their own benefit rather than pleasing anyone. Good practices that encourage continuous personal progression will help the youth become capable leaders on their own.


Embrace Failure

While failure is not the most desirable outcome, it is necessary to let the youth realize that failing is sometimes beneficial. Constantly remind them that failure can be an excellent opportunity for learning from past mistakes and avoiding them in the future.

Promote the Idea of Successful Youth Leadership

Encouraging the youth to seek motivation from the triumphs of other young people will help counteract the negative perception towards youth leadership. By reinforcing a positive idea of youth leadership, the youth will believe in their abilities, focus on positive actions, and build a solid foundation for other generations to come.