Companies are often defined by the leaders that work inside them. However, bad workplace leaders can easily hurt a company and the employees that work there. If you’re looking to become a workplace leader, make sure that you avoid these traits.


If you’re someone who just got a leadership position, you might be thinking very highly of yourself. This by itself isn’t necessarily wrong, but you can cause a lot of issues in your workplace if you’re way too overconfident.

For example, you might be thinking that you can rally up your team to get a project done weeks before the deadline. However, you’re taking your leadership skills too far in this instance, as you may be believing that you can get work done even without having enough time just by being in a position of leadership. Ensure that you don’t get too overconfident if you ever become a workplace leader.

New Features

As a workplace leader, you might be pushing your team to roll out new features for the products you are working on. The reason for this is that new features can easily make it look like a team is doing what they are supposed to do. However, constantly pushing out new features can cause issues.

The reason why this causes issues is that a new set of features often require a lot of tuning and fixing. You’ll find that you’re not going to have time to make every feature look its best if you already having to move on to building a new future. This means that your software is going to look buggy over time, making the customer experience worse. Make sure that you don’t push your team to build new features all of the time if you’re a workplace leader.

No Empathy

When you’re looking at an entire team, you might see someone stand out as someone who isn’t doing enough work like the rest of the team. As a workplace leader, you might be tempted to warn or punish this person for slowing everyone else down. You must have empathy though when you’re a workplace leader.

Without empathy, you might not fully understand someone’s situation, like if an employee isn’t able to do enough work recently due to a loss in their family or if they are just a junior employee learning how your workplace operates. Ensure that you are an empathetic person if you’re going to be a workplace leader.