Approximately a quarter of the workforce works at least part-time for home. Although there are many benefits, it brings on many new challenges as well. Managers need to be ahead of the game and know how to be good remote leaders. Here are some tips.

There are a couple of issues with remote working. Employees feel it’s more difficult to get information. This is particularly true of new employees. Make sure they are properly onboarded. Check-in with them periodically to make sure they have access to everything they need.

The lack of direct supervision is a big issue. On the management side, there’s the concern that people are not going to work as efficiently. Employees don’t get as much support and can’t communicate as much. Some might even feel management is out of touch.

There’s also the feeling of social isolation. People feel less part of the team.


Daily Check-In

Many managers have implemented a daily call. This can either be a solitary or a team call. You must be consistent so that is predictable. It allows employees to discuss any issues they are concerned with. You can also ask for updates on any projects. That way, no one falls through the cracks.


Use Different Technologies

Some people love email. Everything is recorded and they find it easier to write out their thoughts. Some prefer phone calls because of verbal communication. Tech conferencing with software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are increasingly popular. This way you get visual cues.

Email alone is not enough. Use a variety of technologies to get the job done.


Create Social Opportunities

Working remotely can be very isolating. A good manager should try to create a casual conversation about non-work topics.

For example, you could dedicate the beginning of team calls for non-work time discussions. People discuss how their weekend went or how their kids are doing. Many people will be grateful for this communication and it will make your meetings fun.

A great idea is virtual office parties. You can send out care packages to your team members and you can all open them remotely.

Remote work offers a lot of opportunities. However, there are many pitfalls as well. Follow these tips to be an effective leader.