Transparency is essential for team cohesiveness. Building a strong rapport with your team ensures that projects can get done efficiently and encourages motivation. A survey featured on Blogspot states that less than half of global professionals trust their boss, employer, colleagues, or team. Employees value transparency in the workplace as it makes everyone more comfortable and trusting. Here are some tips for being a more transparent leader in the workplace, as listed in the Blogspot article.

The first thing you want to do is to build connections through quick and direct frequency. Regularly check in with your team to ensure that everything is going according to plan and check if any changes need to be made. Employees value one-on-ones, even if they are swift. Frequency matters because it shows that the boss does not only care for one day. Try to meet with your employees for at least 10 to 15 minutes every week and ask if they need any assistance. This creates a foundation for excellent communication and teamwork. Employees will also be more engaged and perform better when they feel like they are in a caring environment.

Also, build your transparency into the culture. Building trust with your team takes commitment and consistency. Prioritize effective communication, precise and quality feedback, and good listening. Encourage an open and honest dialogue with your team to share good and bad news. Leaders need to lead by example, take responsibility for mistakes they’ve made, and be open about the lessons they’ve learned as it motivates the rest of the team to do the same.

As a leader, you should activate experimentation. Create a positive environment where the team feels encouraged and empowered. Give your team space and autonomy to experiment and grow in their work. Try not to focus too much on perfection, as it creates the fear of failure within the team, leading to poorly executed stress work. When you motivate your employees to succeed and explore, you will attract talent and witness increased profitability.

Encouraging and empowering your team is the best way to build strong, cohesive work relationships. Always take advantage of the opportunity to promote positive feedback to your employees and let them know you appreciate their hard work. You will see an enhancement in their performance, and they will build a new level of trust with you. When you recognize your team’s performance, you allow them to amplify their strengths and show how they can stand out in projects.